There’s an old adage in the marketing world, “I know half my marketing spend is wasted, the issue is I never know which half.”  In the world of B2B most people dream of only wasting half, in fact, the wastage is often in excess of 90%.

When marketing your product or service to a business, if you are not using truly specialized and perfected B2B marketing methodologies and B2B-trained resources, then you should expect over 90% inefficiency.  We've seen this time and time again and we've seen the viscious cycle of B2B marketing build-up, intense activity, disappointment, failure, and then budget cuts, retrenchment and leadership change.

When marketing to a business you need to think and act differently in every way, and with our help you can improve the combined effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing twenty fold (yes twenty fold, 20x, twenty times).

Here’s how together we can do it.

Step 1 – The Drill 

Deeply rethink these four basic business questions:

  1. What business are you truly in?
  2. What business problem/s do you solve?
  3. Who has that business problem?
  4. How do they wish to solve it?

Getting this right requires intense focus to deeply understand yourself, your target customers and what rises to the level of a business problem for them. This increase in focus allows you to target much more effectively. Stop wasting money and time talking to people that are not going to be interested in what you have to say and spend your efforts building a relationship with the right groups of people in the right accounts using the best possible message and content.

This process dramatically reduces your costs and builds focus across your whole organization, driving much higher conversions from the prospects you do work with.

When the message and targeting is right, it costs dramatically less to tell the right people about it, and the chance of them being interested dramatically increases.

Step 2 – The Black Box Machine

Build a lean, mean, “walled-off” marketing engine, a B2B Black Box machine.

Clearly define the business goals, budgets, and sales expectations. Develop and empower your B2B marketing team to deeply engage the target market and build, innovate, deliver, and execute and really learn how to be industry and world leading. Empower them to run an optimal buyer focused process that progresses prospects through the stages of the unique B2B buying journey, ending with the highest quality leads at the lowest cost in the fastest possible time.

  1. Define the business goals and boundaries to your marketing.
  2. Build an engine – a finely tuned custom machine that delivers these goals, reporting key metrics to the stakeholders.
  3. Create a process and environment that drives an ever-improving intimacy between your specialized team and the prospects they’re engaging.

The “walled-off” B2B Black Box separates 1) clear reporting to the executive team, and 2) forecasting to the sales organization from 3) the professional discipline of B2B marketing execution. It is only the most focused approach that can build a unique best practice for each and every business. With our approach your marketing engine becomes focused on what’s best for your specific business, tuned to your target customers. The marketing (and sales), cycles for B2B can be long, but using the B2B Black Box approach driving targeted prospects through a clearly defined and tested B2B buyer’s journey aligned to your personal seller’s journey can continually reduce that cycle time, leading to the most effective marketing pipeline you’ve ever experienced.

Costs go down and qualified leads go up. Sales begins to love marketing. Really.

Step 3: The Handoff

  1. Define the “perfect lead” for sales.
  2. Agree with sales what happens when they get a perfect lead.
  3. Agree with sales what happens when a lead isn’t perfect.
  4. Sales and marketing working as a close team for the benefit of all.

Reduces costs, maximizes conversion rates

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