The unification of your Sales and Marketing demand generation hand-off and deal-closing functions




The "hand-off” is the third and final critical piece to solving the B2B marketing and Sales conundrum.   It, like “The Drill” and “The Black Box Machine” is critical to your ultimate success.   It is much more than just passing Leads from marketing to Sales, it guarantees the quality, acceptance and timely follow-up on those Leads.

The “hand-off” not only ensures that your Sales and marketing organizations are aligned with each other, it confirms that both are aligned to the same target audience and that your qualified leads have the best chance of becoming closed business (and ongoing satisfied customer relationships with up-sell potential).

Relatively simple in design, the ideal B2B “hand-off” is very challenging to execute and maintain (as you can no doubt attest), and requires finesse, analysis skills, careful tracking, and the building of trust between two traditionally at-odds groups: marketing and Sales.

“As former members of Sales teams ourselves, we at B2B³ are acutely aware of the pressures placed on Sales people, and the confrontational relationship this can create between Sales and their marketing counterparts.”  -Steven Menges

Through extensive experience (and much trial and error), the B2B³ “hand-off” offering involves working with your marketing organization to efficiently drive these outcomes:


Define the “perfect Lead” for Sales.

Agree with Sales what happens when they get a perfect lead.

Agree with Sales what happens when a Lead isn’t perfect.

Sales and marketing working as a close team for the benefit of all.


Executed the B2B³ way, the "hand-off” reduces costs and time, maximizes conversion rates (short-term and for the long haul), and creates a collaborative relationship between Sales and marketing that ensures every Lead is qualified and effectively and efficiently processed to give your entire team the best chance of success.


When you have been through

”The Drill”

and have the most appropriate "Black Box" marketing engine in place, you can then forecast more effectively and engage Sales in a much more driven way.

The result is that the marketing team becomes proud of every high quality lead “handed off” to Sales and that the Sales and marketing organizations work together to drive every Lead to be efficiently converted.

The impact of each step on business is stunning. All 3 steps together... 20x.


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