It’s not enough to hire the best people. You must allow them to perform at their maximum ability. Great people need to have the ability to excel otherwise they will fail to achieve glory and will just leave.

And the ability of anyone of perform well in an executive (or leadership of a team) position is to have the ability to make decisions based on agreed objectives.

Plans that change with the wind are all too common, and virtually always fail.

What is critical is that once a plan is agreed it’s implemented by high performers who have the trust of their managers and are empowered to make decisions in-line with the plan, and critical to success, are supported in these decisions.

There is no point in allowing someone to make a decision and then spending months questioning the detail. That form of micro-management is very common, and incredibly destructive. Instead stand behind the decisions you empowered your team to make.If they made the wrong choices, you as the leader must take responsibility. This ensures teams succeed (or fail) together, and everyone supporting each other leads to the greatest successes.

This doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with a poor decision, just do it behind closed doors, and use it as a chance to grow trust and improve teamwork. Then together fix the mistake. If your team knows they are trusted and supported they will be empowered to make the best in every situation. And they can and will continually improve.

Hire well, plan well, and then trust your team to deliver.

Measure people by their ethics and the results achieved.

Be open and honest when setting goals. Make sure everyone knows the plan. Everyone must know deeply:

Why we are in this business
What problem we are tasked with solving
Why is solving this problem critical
What budget, timeline, resources are available to solve this problem

Trust, empower and support your team if you want to drive to success and retain you top talent.

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